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Date postedApril 21, 2010
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The data set “combined dataset of study abroad students and domestic comparison group” was used to create a database of students eligible for graduation rates analysis in accordance with the definitions used by the University System of Georgia. Students who studied abroad more than once are reflected only once in this dataset and the data used for these analyses are those regarding their first study abroad trip.
First, students who matriculated in either the summer or fall were selected who were full time (enrolled for greater than or equal to 12) and were bachelor degree seeking. Of these, students were included if for their matriculation term they had freshmen student level codes. Students were also included if they had sophomore or higher codes if they also were not transfer students in their first term and were less than or equal to 19 years old. The age of 19 was used as a proxy for the USG method of selecting students at sophomore or higher levels that graduated from high school within the last calendar year.
Students were identified as graduating within 4 years if they graduated by the summer of four years after their first matriculation. Students were excluded from analyses if their semester of study abroad occurred greater than four years after their matriculation into college. Students were also excluded if they matriculated too late to have graduated within four years by the summer of 2007, the last semester for which we have data.